Wait A Minute – Not Everyone In Egypt Represented at Meeting with VP

Posted on February 7, 2011

How was it determined who should meet with Egyptian Vice-President, Omar Suleiman?  That has been important information not forthcoming in any articles on the internet thus far.  In addition to some new secular factions that have emerged, the youth of the January 26th youth movement have met separately with the Vice-President.

But skepticism and fear is rising from the streets – who are these young people of the January 36th movement?  Other voices claim none involved in the meeting represents them and that the government is not to be trusted.

In short, it’s not over.  With passions still running high, the slightest discomfort on the part of any faction could trigger new resistance.

While the Muslim Brotherhood is not a majority sector, they are highly organized and in the confusion of a situation  that is power.  They welcome a democratic election.  Of course they do. Let’s keep our eyes truly open and be on the watch for the important developments in Egypt that will happen this week.


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