SamHenry on Rep Chris Lee and John Edwards Syndrome

Posted on February 9, 2011

Most of us have stopped keeping score of the countless times Congressmen have “scored” and gone down in flame in recent years.  This one hits close to home.  SamHenry lives in Rep Lee’s (R, NY) district.  A young father and husband, it is too early in his life and his career to see the above, disturbing picture of Lee on Craig’s list.

When an attractive man like Lee does this kind of thing, I hope that we can see that he’s  in the initial stages of John  Edwards Syndrome.   Why is it that some men attain a certain level of success or power and zaaaaam – they’re shirts, pants, everything comes off?  Can it be prevented?  These are not Hollywood stars who have additional afflictions like drugs and an artful penchant for the ridiculous.  These are our now and future leaders.

The US is no longer the beacon of hope to the tired and hungry yearning to be free, but only to the yearning.  Daily we are illustrating to the world that Democracy breeds debauchery?  We have men and women putting their lives on the line around the world to protect this?

Throughout the cold war, we thought the KGB was after our military secrets.  Today it is known that they were out for our e-mail addresses.  They know us better than we known ourselves. Today, this site received spam from about 30 Russian porn sites, squashing all the spam filters. The site is named for a dog not some dog of a man.

We all get frustrated and feeling we could do better or  be better appreciated.  So why don’t we all throw our shirts into the ring on this one? I don’t know where Chris took off  HIS shirt but it couldn’t be here in the district where temps this week have been in the single minus digits.  He could have posted a picture of his shirt and said:  Come on over to see what else I took off.”

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would open spam and end up at a porn site? Do you think he had someone on the side because Mrs. Lincoln was so down all the time? Not that we would know.  So either today’s gentlemen politicos need to get more intelligent in their after school activities  OR they need to put a little more effort into command and control.

These are delicate matters for SamHenry to discuss.  Sam’s not a psyche sniffer.  Anyone seen Sam’s muzzle around here?

Oh, my.  Now here is the only audience for a shirtless man – his loving wife.  Here is Becks on Victoria’s cell phone!