Mubarak’s Goons Claim US Will Invade Egypt

Posted on February 10, 2011

CNN’s Anderson Cooper just interviewed a female journalist in Egypt who had been in a crowd and things had been remarkably pleasant. Then government representatives showed up, talked with the people and suddenly things turned ugly.  The journalist and her crew narrowly escaped harm.

As they fled, a car with a doctor and his family followed.  They stopped the journalist and explained that Mubarak’s representative had told the people that the they were Americans and that Americans would soon invade the country and even “come to their bedrooms.”  In light of recent behaviors of government officials in the US, it is entirely believable that Americans would target bedrooms as they invaded a country.

With Mubarak making Obama look foolish in his conviction day after day that the aging dictator will step down, the US is again seen as weak and ineffective.  The Egyptian Revolution  may prove to be the final nail in the coffin of US global leadership.

All over the Near and Middle East various leaders have taken the measure of this president and are taken aback by his lack of conviction and purpose.  The Saudi King has warned Obama about going too far to unseat his friend, Mubarak.  The Saudis have even offered to pay Egypt any amount of money should the US go ahead with plans to stop foreign aid.

We are not appreciated by the dictators, by the freedom-seeking people or by the Muslim governments and their people.  In short, if we had been taking care of energy business for our national security years before now regardless of oil company pressures, we would not even have had to visit the region as tourists never mind invaders.  Had we another policy in the area, things might have gone better for Israel.

It’s certain that the crowds in the street and the immigrants who still come here continue to believe we have endless resources for both good and bad enterprises.  Have they not heard that we no longer have the man power, the funding nor the inclination to invade a parking lot?

Truth to tell, any moment now the US will drop into a sink hole of its own devising having drained all of the money and morals from our national store.  Our opinions and those of our esteemed corporate and government bleeders and leaders will no longer interfere with the world’s business.

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