Like Egypt, US Shifts Around for Leadership

Posted on February 13, 2011

Realistically, we are in no better shape than Egypt.  We are trying to get the country back on its feet economically, provide jobs, ensure food at a reasonable cost and overhaul the education system. Republicans need to lead in establishing priorities and in staying the course.  Saying the Obama agenda is dead means nothing.

Like Egypt, we are waiting for a leader.  One has not really emerged from the ranks of either party.  In a country where it takes millions and connections and selling  your soul to run for office, is it any wonder this is the case?

Ron Paul may be ahead on his side of the fence at the moment but he lacks the Palin charisma.  And for those who leaned toward the Presidential look of Romney, he came up second in the CPAC straw poll.

Job one for Republicans will not only be a to set a course for a return to economic stability but to throw up a leader the help get us there.  The last election has given them the chance to do just that. There has to be an early break away candidate.  Obama has ways of pulling things off and resuscitating his career even as he appears as roadkill.  There needs to be a strong candidate to take him on in a meaningful way.

Republicans have not had a leader agreed upon by the majority of their number since  Reagan.  His birthday is a haunting not a happy occasion.  We are dogged by the figure of a politician the likes of which we have not produced since his death.  Like Egypt, it has been a long time since there was an inspired and inspiring leader.  It’s been ages since Reagan; even longer since Nasser.

The Egyptian people have given the world a hard act to following in producing citizens who, despite their differences, held a “civilized” rebellion to overturn their government.  Republicans and Democrats need to remember that whining and backbiting are beneath freedom-loving people.  Strength of conviction and standing by values is what we saw in the streets of Cairo.  They took the US Civil rights movement and perfected it.   We need to be the reflection of America’s former greatness the way they were last week.

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