Eliot Spitzer Back to Dominating Women and Exerting His Power

Posted on February 15, 2011

“Parker Spitzer” was billed as a way of injecting some conflict—in a civil way….” [WSJ]  It has quickly turned uncivil behind the scenes.  Parker and Spitzer have been rumored to had conflicts since roughly December when ratings were in the basement.  Critics panned it and the show’s creator had left CNN making survival questionable on that count as well.

Now it is apparent on air that Eliot Spitzer has been the dominant force on the show as ratings climbed when Kathleen Parker, Conservative, award-winning columnist was out “sick” for a week.  In her recent appearances, she has appeared visibly uncomfortable and with noticeably fewer lines.  At the show’s inception, Parker led Spitzer through the unfamiliar maze of a live TV show.  Now he dominates in a very aggressive mode.

The former governor of New York lost his elected office when it became clear he had a liaison with a call girl linked to a sex ring under investigation by the FBI.  In the end, he left office and went on with life with a wife who continued to live with him.  He is very bright and was a good governor of the state followed by his less than capable Lieutenant Governor.

But Spitzer is still not handling  women well.  If Parker is replaced it well may be that he has had as much to do with it as she.  She has refused to show cleavage – a must for younger women at CNN.  Admittedly, she is more of an academic.  She is also a gracious, fine woman – something with which Spitzer is not comfortable.  Now CNN is reported to be looking for a replacement for her.

So aggressive male dominance and women chained to the flaunting of their anatomy are left to deliver the news at CNN.  The team could have worked but not with Spitzer’s inbred  aggressive manner.  It will be hard to find grace, brains and beauty in one woman who can fend for herself with him but they will try.

If she is forced off the show it is hoped Parker will return to the brand of journalism that made her the intellectual powerhouse she is today.  She will be in an environment that feeds her talent and where she does have the well-earned respect of her peers.  Valiant effort, Kathleen.  You made women of substance proud.  Hope you can continue for the benefit of a lot of people, some of whom are Conservative women.