John Wiley Price and the People of Dallas – The History Behind His Outburst

Posted on February 17, 2011

It would be difficult for anyone reading about or seeing the video of  Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen in a Court session go at it ending with Price’s cheap shot heard ’round the world “you’re all white. Go to hell.”  Whichever way you judged the proceedings and the people, there is always a history behind the kind of remark that Price made to people he may have known when he identified them as Tea Partiers.

You know you can count of SamHenry to give you a sign to a trail of articles for your own research on the history of an incident that requires more investigation.  Here is the time line of the relationship of John Wiley Price and the good citizens of Dallas, TX.

And here is one of the more colorful columns about the incident that inspired SamHenry on a history hunt of the February 15th incident – only in Texas a column header like this one! Gotta love it. That’s why we love Texas.

Get Off My Lawn

John Wiley Price? Problem? What Problem? Nothing to See Here, Folks.

By Jim Schutze, Wed., Feb. 16 2011 @ 10:12AM
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I refuse to jump up and down and scream about John Wiley Price. There’s this story floating around the media that they had to shut down yesterday’s meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners Court because Price had a meltdown when some in the peanut gallery called him the county’s “chief moolah.”

Please. First of all, the guy didn’t call him chief moolah. It’s mullah. He called him chief mullah — an Islamic term for teacher or leader.

Second. Price did not have a meltdown. He was very calm. He made an observation about the people who had come to the meeting to complain about his role in the firing of Dallas County Elections Director Bruce Sherbet.

Price said, “You’re all white. Go to hell.”

He said it very calmly, according to the tape I saw. And he said it after County Judge Clay Jenkins was already in the process of shutting down the meeting.

Jenkins wasn’t shutting down the meeting because Price told the people to go to hell. He was shutting down the meeting to stop the people from criticizing Price in front of the TV cameras.

In effect, Jenkins was telling them to go to hell too. More >

Of course the use of the race card in this country goes back to the sad era of slavery.  But it is used globally and each time it is, best to keep comments to a minimum about who is using it and why until you get a little history of current usage and the persons using it.