Democrats Have Fled State Legislature Votes Since 1889

Posted on February 18, 2011

Yep, it’s all happened before. Democratic state legislators literally running away from votes that would benefit either Republicans or a cause in which they do not believe.

[ from Railroads, Silver and Statehood p 199]

More recently, Texas Democrats have had its moment in the sun.

A political version of the Amber Alert was posted for 53 Texas legislators who fled the state Capitol to avoid a vote that could cost Democrats as many as five congressional seats.

Without the Democrats present, the Republican-controlled House does not have the two-thirds quorum needed for a vote on legislation to redraw congressional districts.

News reports late Monday quoted leaders of the missing Democrats as saying they are gathered across the state line in Ardmore, Oklahoma, out of reach of Texas Rangers who have been ordered to arrest them and return them to the House chamber. [CNN]

Democrats are on the run again – this time in Wisconsin,  The same scenario is playing itself out – Democrats on the run.  This time, it is to foil Republican plans to pass legislation to do away with or reduce the excessive influence of Unions in the state’s schools and recoup monies for the state:

[The Democrats are fleeing Governor] Walker’s budget [that]removes the special privileges that give government unions their outsize influence. His plan allows workers to quit their union without losing their job. He requires unions to demonstrate their support through an annual secret-ballot vote. He also ends the unfair taxpayer subsidy to union fundraising: The state and local government would stop collecting union dues with their payroll systems. [blog.heritage]

This outlandish and wasteful practice grabs a lot of headlines and attention – a Democratic specialty.

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