Sarah Palin Bashed in Brittish Press Tabloid

Posted on February 18, 2011

It’s hardly a remark by Sarah Palin deserving of screaming headlines.  She was making a joke and the point of it was not absolute accuracy about milk.  It was an effective phrase to undercut  the first Lady’s politicization of personal choices .  The Daily Mail is essentially an upscale tabloid – the UK version of the Star.  I go there for trashy gossip.  Yes, SamHenry relaxes with trashy mags and papers.  First the hapless headline:

Sarah Palin makes a boob of herself as she weighs in

against First Lady’s ‘Nanny State’ breast-is-best campaign

Next, the waste of good news space for an overreaction:

Sarah Palin has added another blunder to her chequered political career.

Wading into the ‘nanny state’ breastfeeding debate between Michelle Obama and Michele Bachmann, Palin decided to take a shot at the First Lady but instead ended up with milk all over her face.

Speaking about Mrs Obama’s recommendations that mothers should breastfeed their babies, the Alaska governor joked: ‘It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breast feed your babies … the price of milk is so high!’

It appears the mother-of-five does not realise that babies are not supposed to drink cow’s milk but should stick to formula milk if not being breastfed.

Nor was it clear how the price of milk was Mrs Obama’s fault.

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Milk on her face: Palin provoked ridicule by suggesting that babies drink cow milk when she took a shot at Michelle Obama's views on breastfeeding
Milk on her face: Palin provoked ridicule by suggesting that babies drink cow milk when she took a shot at Michelle Obama’s views on breastfeeding


Her joke comes on the heels of another attack by a fellow Tea Party darling.

Michele Bachmann accused the First Lady of meddling with American mothers and said she was trying to lead a ‘nanny state’ by supporting tax breaks on breast pumps.

She said the issue is not about breastfeeding but about messing with the tax system and government interference.

‘I’ve given birth to five babies and I breastfed every single one of these babies,’ Mrs Bachmann said.

‘To think that government has to go out and buy my breast pump for my babies. You wanna talk about the nanny state? I think we just got the new definition of a nanny.’

BUT off in a box to the side of the article was this:


In what is one of the longest political decisions in recent memory, Sarah Palin said she was still considering running for president in 2012.

When asked at an event at Woodbury, New York, she said: ‘I’m still thinking about it. I certainly haven’t made up my mind.’

But she stopped short of saying who she would back if she herself didn’t run in the election.

She said: ‘I don’t have a name to give you right now, but what I would look for in terms of character and in terms of experience is someone who’s been on the front lines understanding how to administer and how to lead a team and how to run a business.’

Clearly wanting to keep the momentum of a 2012 campaign going, she added: ‘Nobody’s more qualified for multi-tasking and doing all the things you need to do as president than a woman, a mum.’

Speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, she said: ‘I strongly believe in breastfeeding. But the tax code is used by government as social engineering.’

The Internal Revenue Service said last week it would reclassify breast pumps as medical-care purchases that could be deducted as medical expenses, recognising that children who are breastfed are less likely to become obese.


That which was “side lined” in the Daily Mail was a headline in the UK’s Telegraph.  There was no mention of Sara Palin being a boob in reference to her remark about breast feeding, there was just straightforward reporting:

Mrs Palin also noted the recent increases in the price of food and mocked Michelle Obama to make her point. The first lady is encouraging mothers to breast feed their infants as part of her campaign to reduce childhood obesity – an effort that has drawn scorn from some conservatives.

“No wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you better breast feed your babies,” Mrs Palin said. “I’m looking and say, ‘Yeah, you better because the price of milk is so high right now.”‘