Severity of US Economic Mess Causes Spreading Protests

Posted on February 19, 2011

Our Chinese creditors have been pressuring us to get the budget under control. Now even key administration members are addressing the need.

In testifying before the Senate Budget Committee Thursday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made a candid admission, characterizing President Barack Obama’s own budget plan as “unsustainable” with interest payments and obligations that are “excessively high” [The Blaze]:

It’s patently obvious that Obama can’t deliver what he has promised.  Both the educated and badly educated unemployed in America will not understand how this could happen.   They will consider they have been robbed and they would be right.  Governmental “dithering” and the fact that Banks that had a role in the crash have not been penalized add up to that view.  All of the bailouts have meant greater Federal deficits.  This has meant less Federal money for the states that also have history-making deficits.

Protesters have gathered in Wisconsin and Ohio to march against calls for Unions to pay a portion of their medical care and to undergo further benefit cuts. Mindful of what is playing out across America, House members worked Friday and Saturday before the President’s Day weekend to pass budget-cutting legislation and to send it on to the Senate. In the vote over the final bill with amendments, 3 Republicans defected to the ranks of the Democrats.  There will be a battle in the Senate and who knows what will emerge. But what is really going on?

Both sides of the aisle know that if we don’t solve the budget crisis, we will be into a doomsday scenario.  More people out of work or on reduced earnings will be in the streets a la Egypt.  That is the bottom line.  The stability of the nation is at stake and it does not come up much in conversation.

We look to televised coverage of the turmoil in the Middle East to inspire freedom-loving citizens around the world who are living in a dictatorships to rebel at the site of what is happening.  But what if it more than inspires people here at home?  It could happen.  It seems to have begun in Wisconsin, has spread to Ohio [the Blaze]  and adds to the destabilization problems all along our southern border with Mexico. This video from Blaze supports my view:

Here are more similarities to the Middle East turmoil. Iran is building bases and alliances in South America.  It is becoming a center of influence in the Region.

There is little doubt of a thriving cooperation between the drug cartels and terrorists among the men and women who guard our border. T.J. Bonner is the president of the union of the Border Patrol guards. Bonner points to the complex and increasingly sophisticated tunnels under the border saying he believes Hezbollah and other terrorist groups are interested in access to those tunnels. Those tunnels when combined with document mills that provide a reliable cover of disguise using false identities, allow stealth entry to people whose goal is to destroy America.

Cutler believes that the administration is choosing to ignore the evidence and choosing instead to continue to insist that our borders have never been more secure. The administration, he says, is hoping that nothing will happen. Cutler notes “Hope is not a strategy”.  [The Blaze]

Obama has set up animosities by pitting poor against rich; Democrats against Republicans, Latino immigrants against wasps – all of which can serve as kindling to this growing fire of unrest for whatever reason.  His own jet-set lifestyle belies his dedication to getting down to business and making painful cuts.   This country’s government is dancing on the edge of the abyss with no solid plan to pull us back.  The President’s budget was a mangled map of how to survive this.

As for the deficit, somewhere in all of this is a lot of wasted effort.  The true direction is compromise and it needs to come sooner rather than later to avoid the southern drift of our fortunes.  Watching Democrats and Republicans going at it only adds to our sense that things are out of control.

As for the border, catching a high-ranking Muslim terrorist who was being smuggled into the country has been kept quiet.

There is growing evidence that the most serious threat to America by Islamic extremists resides literally at our back door.

The U.S. border with Mexico has long been known as the pathway of entry for illegal aliens unlawfully entering America in search of work. Now, something more nefarious is finding its way inside. In late January, a book celebrating Iranian suicide bombers, “In Memory of our Martyrs”, was found in the Arizona desert just north of the border with Mexico. There was very little reporting about this find.[The] British newspaper the Daily Mail reported that U.S. Border Guards had caught a controversial Muslim cleric being smuggled in to the United States in the trunk of a car, several hundred miles west of the suicide bomber book find. The cleric, Said Jaziri, was caught at the San Diego border crossing. His nickname is the “controversial imam”. He is banned in France and Canada. Jaziri led protests against the Danish cartoonist who dared to poke fun at Islam. He called for the death of the cartoonist. Jaziri is not a secular or moderate religious leader. He is a radical Islamist.


Last July, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah reported that Hezbollah employed Mexican nationals with family ties to Lebanon to help in the establishment of terror cells along the U.S. – Mexico border. Mexican authorities broke up that operation. During that same time period there was a spate of car bombings beginning Juarez. Many were detonated remotely. It was the first time the cartels had used such a tactic. [The Blaze]