UK Muslim Clerics to Hold Rally at White House For Sharia in US

Posted on February 20, 2011

Britain’s foremost outspoken and anti-western Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary, is scheduled to come to the United States to lead a rally 3 March in front of the White House.  Mr Choudary has said that the rally was organized by the Islamic Thinkers society based in New York City.  According to published reports he has announced that the purpose of the demonstration will be to urge the implementation of sharia in the US. [Daily Mail] If it goes off as planned, it will be quite a performance. Choudary is the best showman since Barnum and Bailey only his aim is deadly serious.

The only thing that can bar his entry would be for the US authorities to declare that he preaches the overthrow of the government.

You may remember Choudary’s performance in the UK in reaction to proposed burning of the Koran by a Florida pastor.  In that demonstration he promised that the flag of Islam would one day fly over the White House yet said only that what he said was meant to “invite” consideration of the Muslim alternative.

Britain has been slow to realize that steps must be taken to protect British law and culture. Lord Pearson of Rannock was interviewed on Capitol hill while in the US in 2009.  Here, then, were his assessments of what the current situation is in Britain, how much time remains to reclaim British culture and law and the ways in which it may be achieved.   He said that if steps are not taken by 2011, it will be too late. However  he emphasized, the Muslims have many more children and it will be a moot point in 20 years.




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