Harry Seems Wild But He’s Only Following the Way of the Windsors

Posted on February 21, 2011

With all the warnings the senior royals have given to Harry and company to avoid the party scene – especially in these tough economic times – it appears Harry has not got the message:

The above picture was taken just days ago.

Then there is his on and off girl, Chelsy Davy.  Her  image is at odds with the refinement we have come to expect from Kate Middleton:

A place Harry visited recently,  The Box is on the seamy side in its stage productions:

[Daily Mail]

News of Harry’s Uncle, Prince Andrew, continues to evoke the “randy Andy days of his past while the antics of his Aunt, Sarah Ferguson become less palatable by the moment.  All of their many moments have been heavily photographed and in all ways documented.

With a film about his great-aunt, Princess Margaret in the works, this generation will learn more about the foibles of  one of the more truly unfortunate royals. Reckless and unlucky in love, Margaret was both exotic and tough.  Below she is pictured  by Alberto Botella with her much younger lover, Roddy Llewellyn.

And of course the much-loved late Queen Mother knew well how to knock back a few and make the occasional memorable remark.

But if, like Harry, you had a father and mother who both were unfaithful and pretty much did as they wished, albeit in less troubled times, then what’s the problem.  It’s the way of the Windsors.

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