A Royal Wedding Set Against A World In Bankruptcy and Turmoil

Posted on February 21, 2011

The Middle East is on fire and in the midst of political upheaval of historic proportion.  Globally, people are out of work, struggling and facing an uncertain future.  And yet with all of this, the biggest hits on this website come to blogs about the British Royal Family.

People are very keen to know more about Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. Surprisingly, they garner higher hits than Kate and William.  But that is understandable.  Fergie and Randy Andy are where the juicy tales lie.  Kate and William are just too, well, nice.  Diana is still a draw but there are few articles about her here.

In a country with so many immigrants from north Africa and the Middle East where so much death and destruction are raining down on so many, it seems improbable that the big wedding day for Kate and William, 29 April, 2011 will be free of some demonstration or other that will make the Royal festivities seem irrelevant in this day and time.  It can only be hoped it will be without incident.

The day of the wedding, the British past will meet its multi-cultural present and the images will speak volumes.  The ceremony cannot be low-key enough to escape the inevitable.  Pray for the safety of the young couple on their special day.