Will Muslim Brotherhood or the US “Steal” Egyptian Revolution

Posted on February 21, 2011

The US press is full of fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will show its “true” colors and if not this year, then years from now ultimately “steal” the Egyptian Revolution.  Our ally, Israel, is fearful of the eventual outcome of the Revolution:

An article titled “The Real Egyptian Revolution” paints this picture:

The actual Jan 25 revolution was wildly different from the one depicted in news reports. Behind the veil of English speaking Twitter feeds by young activists, is an angry and bigoted population which hated Mubarak not because he is a tyrant, but because he maintained ties to America and Israel, and refused to aggressively persecute Egypt’s Christians. Egypt is not looking for a Western style democracy. What the Arab street really wants is a tyranny that reflects its values.

Few of the gullible Western supporters who follow the revolution by Twitter, understand just how much the ordinary Egyptian taking part in the protests hates them. Behind all the English language signs produced for the foreign press and the articulate bloggers cultivated by the US and EU governments, is the angry mob who believes that Mubarak was a puppet of the CIA and the Mossad. And who believe the same thing about all the earnest CNN and CBS correspondents who came to be photographed against the background of a revolution. No matter how much the reporters propagandized their cause, the mob was certain that they were there to support Mubarak. That belief is part of the xenophobic identity of Egyptians, and so many others in the Muslim world. The only popular cause in the Muslim world is fought against the Americans– even when the Americans are on their side.

The cries of “Yahood, Yahood” or “Jew, Jew” reportedly shouted at CBS’s Logan while she was being sexually assaulted, reflect two things. [Read the rest of the article [ here]

Aljazeera reports that the fear in many Arab quarters is quite the contrary.  They fear the US will “steal” the Revolution.

The post-1990 embrace of the South African revolution took the same form as Obama’s promised “democracy assistance” to the Egyptian people. Advisors, training courses and policy specialists told us that democracy equals Western liberal democracy and free market economics. Our political leadership, for the most part, returned the embrace of the West with an unqualified acceptance of its authenticity and sincerity – adopting the common wisdom of Washington Consensus political and economic policy.

The results are clear for all to see: South Africa has become an even more unequal society and economic growth has benefited local and international business, while unemployment remains exceptionally high.

The Egyptian people have shown the world that anything is possible when a united people are committed to the realisation of an idea. They should not listen uncritically to their newfound friends, who will first congratulate them on the enormity of their achievement – and then tell them that some things are just not doable; who will tell them they must not be unrealistic in their expectations, and must inevitably settle for less.

Unless the Egyptian movement for change remains alert and continues to assert its political independence, this embrace will squeeze the life out of the revolution and turn it into a polished version of the recently departed Mubarak regime – a new democratic order that, again, prioritises the interest of Washington, London, Berlin and Tel Aviv over that of the Egyptian people.

Only time will sort all of the views and the realities for different people out.  Meanwhile as always during times such as this there is a lot of propaganda abroad as well as outright lies and some smattering of the truth.  We need to remain alert when reading articles or hearing media reports to these possibilities.