Wisconsin Protests, Columbia U Vet Bashing, and Obama – US on Socialist Course

Posted on February 21, 2011

Samhenry is not so much concerned with Obama’s birth certificate as with his REAL political friends and backers.  His weatherman friend in Chicago, Bill Ayers cannot be an anomaly. On HIS watch, socialists and communists have come out of the woodwork in Wisconsin and elsewhere.  They do not simply evoke the 1960s.  They signal the fruition of the beliefs of the more radical young people of those times.

Meanwhile, Obama is skiing in Vail with his family.  The kids need a vacation from school – that’s fair.  But if he is asking Americans to cut out vacations, at least he can take one in a lesser mode.  He’s one socialist the Capitalists may yet capture.

Visit my friends at cockettlives.wordpress.com and votingamerican.wordpress.com and watch the videos in their past three or so posts and enjoy the view.  A communist columnist  from guess where, Chicago, and a socialist are featured  in two videos from Wisconsin that, if you did  not live through the 1960s, will give you a taste of it.

The World Socialist Website is pulling it all together.  Democrats and Republicans are both thrown under the bus and the appeal of the Socialist alternative is made plain.

This collision between the working class and the trade unions and the Democratic Party is developing quickly. Already on Sunday a mass meeting of 3,000 teachers in Madison rejected efforts by union officials to end their job action and order them back to work today.

To carry forward the struggle, workers will require new tools. They must break free from the apparatus of the trade unions, which work to suffocate them, demoralize them and lead them to defeat. New organizations must be constructed to unify all sections of the working class—public and private, employed and unemployed—along with students and youth. The struggles of workers in Wisconsin must be linked to the fight of workers throughout the country against budget cuts and in defense of their basic rights.

Above all, a new party and program is required. The fight against budget cuts must be linked to the struggle against the corporate and financial aristocracy that has looted the country and wields control over the entire political system. This means the fight for socialism and the building of the Socialist Equality Party. [world socialist website]

Socialists see the situation in the US today more clearly than the Republicans and Tea Partiers in the sense that they know how to organize to bring the country around to their views – linking demonstrators to their assessments and knowing that to best fight, the union of all who fight oppression must come together.

This could be a road map for the recasting of the Republican Party to exert themselves and return America to its most cherished values.  Tea Partiers, “classic” Republicans,  “Republicans Light” such as SamHenry and the far right must ALL  come together to successfully fight the unwanted change that is coming.

Worst of all, many new immigrants come from totalitarian regimes, therefore they are well used to dictators.  It is familiar.  It is love the devil you know.  That adds to Socialist confidence for victory at last.

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