Fergie Has Upstaged Pre Wedding Scene Thanks to Wedding Snub

Posted on February 22, 2011

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York in 1988

It is no surprise that the Queen and her family have not got a clue how to handle the Fergie “problem” without undue attention and censure in the press. But this time around, they may not be the baddies of the piece.  The “snubee” may in fact be the “snubor.”  In any event, the fallout is that the news she was not going to the wedding seized headlines around the globe that upstaged the bride and groom.

Every family has its black sheep.  Certainly the Middletons must be a little nervous about the behavior of Kate’s erstwhile uncle from the Carribbean, Gary Goldstein, who has earned an invitation . [Daily Mail]

“Randy Andy’s” recent exploits with a woman half his age on a yacht [Daily Mail] and his controversial stay with a convicted sex-offender during a recent visit to the US have not enhanced his standing with the royals or the public [Daily Mail].

But Andrew  and the Queen both wrote checks to help pay off Fergie’s debt and both have allowed her to stay on at Windsor cottage a residence over which the Queen has full power.  Most important, the Queen has not taken Fergie’s title as Duchess of York from her.  It is a title very important to the Queen since her parents were styled the Duke and Duchess of York.  She did not hesitate to take the title “Royal Highnes” from Diana after her divorce from Charles.

As for Fergie and Andrew, two weeks ago they were spotted skiing together with their girls for their annual family outing at Klosters and  last week she  again hosted the birthday party for Andrew at Windsor cottage.  It would seem that Fergie is satisfied to have been forgiven by her best friend and supporter, Andrew, and to have been allowed by the Queen to continue to live at the cottage with Andrew.

It is doubtful that William holds a grudge against Fergie.  Initial reports that he had invited her indicated that in so doing he was acknowledging her friendship with his mother (regardless of the end) and honoring her as the mother of his cousins, Eugenie and  Beatrice, with whom he is very close.

We may never know the real reason behind the so-called snub but there is good evidence in all of Fergie’s very independent life that this is the way she would want it.  Then, too, with Andrew in the picture, memories of her own day might be too overwhelming.

There is also the fact that she has said publicly repeatedly that she loves and admires the Queen.  In deference to her as well as to the fact that she has recently helped her in major ways, it may also be Fergie’s preference to remove herself as a possible blot upon the scene as it were.

Finally, if anyone dropped her from the lineup, it would have been Prince Philip who has never liked Fergie and Philip and the Queen are paying for the bulk of this operation.  He holds great sway in “the firm.”  But again, Fergie would not want to upset him either.

CNN article by seasoned Royal watcher Mark Saunders, gave 5 possible reasons for the “snub.”  Except for one that considered Fergie’s own opinion of the right thing to do as one of his 5 reasons, overall his choices smack of movie plots to me.  In consideration of the above,  we need to remember this is the Royal FAMILY and as with any other family, they handle things within their ranks.  Fergie has been secure in Andrew’s on-going care and, before the events of last year, had finally been invited to a family function.  She had almost made it back as a public part of the family.  But it is my “guess (and all of us commentators are only guessing)  that this is a family decision and that Fergie’s feeling about the matter was in fact taken into consideration.

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