Libya’s Gaddafi: “I am Higher Than Any Other Power on Earth”

Posted on February 22, 2011

“Where you cowards hiding in the dark when Gaddafi and his family were in this place bombed by America”? the Libyan leader queried.  One of his sons was killed in the attack but he himself was underground hiding. In a rambling speech, he talked of his Libyan heritage, pointed to the tomb of his grand-father and father and vowed to die a martyr rather than leave.

He claimed the protesters were not in the majority and  want to turn Libya into a Muslim state. He claimed he is not through with the protesters.  “Those rats” or infiltrators to which he referred changed from Americans to Muslims and to others throughout the speech.  Of course he has hired his own mercenaries.  Other newscasters thought that “the rats” were the protesters only.  Regardless, these area a man man’s ramblings and difficult to follow or decipher.

He claimed that the unity of China was more important than the people of Tieneman Square. The Unity of Russia was more important in like manner. He said that Libya’s image is being distorted by the world press.

Evoking Anti-Americanism is the fastest way to raise the blood of loyal Arabs everywhere. He listed victories over all of the colonial powers America, France, Britain and their cohort, Sadat in Egypt.

He continued with his conspiracy stories by claiming that a small group of  youth “who have been given hallucination pills,” by those rats, are burning police stations. They have manipulated the peace here.  They burn files that contain investigation about them and their crimes.  But those  youth are not guilty but are manipulated.  They are just emulating what is going on in Tunisia.  There is a small group that has infiltrated, has given drugs to the youth and have used them.

He then challenged his audience: Do  you want to be like Afghanistan or Iraq?  Kick the foreigners out of your house. They don’t want me; they want Libya

He claimed, “I haven’t even given the orders to use bullets.”    He then turned to threaten anyone who causes death or works against the state with death or other punishment.

Frequently returning to American intervention, he gave a lengthy list of  American atrocities including killing of innocents from the air.  He also included the Israelis  in these same kinds of actions to lend more fuel to the flame.  He even went on to query “Do  you want to be Somalia?

The formerly handsome dictator and sometime eccentric who even now has a group of female bodyguards trained to be assassins (one of whom died defending him in an attack), rattled on for over an hour. He moved from trying to convince his people that he had done everything for Libya for their sakes to threatening them with bloodshed for their acts during the uprising.  He vowed retribution on all who attacked the soldiers.  His madness makes these threats even more dangerous.

He failed to convince, he was divorced from reality, and we have perhaps heard him for the last time.  In the end, he even failed to set up his son to succeed him.

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