Demonstrations Friday in Iraq; Ahmadinejad Predicts Upheval Spread to Europe and N. America

Posted on February 23, 2011

Iranian leader/oppressor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has predicted that the Upheval in the Middle East Will Spread to Europe and North America.  He should read On My  Watch. SamHenry has been predicting this in a couple of recent posts.  Caution: you don’t need to get a graduate degree in geography with a minor in migration to see this.  One source – displacement due to an influx of refugees seeking asylum.

Another source for problems in Europe: people are already out of work and coping with high food prices.  A rise in fuel costs will put them over the edge.  The radicalization of local immigrant and poor native populations is not difficult to predict.  To offset this, Europe has already gathered its best heads to try to create some order over the onslaught of refugees reaching primarily Italy whose resources are limited.

In the United States with Socialist Democrats already in power, the House of Representatives being the lone exception to date, there are already demonstrations by the so-called right against their spending and high taxes at a time when small businesses are needed as the job-creating engine they traditionally have been.

Another flash point:  in the US we have the on-going and spreading pro-Union demonstrations in support of teachers/union members facing layoffs and/or reduced salaries to due to needed cutbacks in the budgets of local communities.  Sadly, these budgets have been the default location for Federal and State short falls.

In Iraq, demonstrations are planned for Friday.  The Iraqi leadership is not concerned because Iraqis “live in a democracy.”  That claim following a disputed election again points to the specter of our President’s lack of will and resources to make it possible for the American military to step in to help.  It feels as if we’re back in the days leading up to the second invasion. Bad as he was, Saddam did keep Iran in check.

In Paris particularly, there is already an underclass in slums filled with immigrants that explode annually – usually in summer.  Britain has its large areas of unemployment and dissatisfaction that spilled into the streets this winter leaving Charles and Camilla with a vehicle damaged on its way to an evening at the theater.  [a word to searchers looking for information on Charles and Camilla: it’s Camilla Parker Bowles not Camilla Parker Bowels.  Both are relevant but Bowles is correct.]