Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich – Tax the Corporations and the Rich

Posted on February 23, 2011

Interviewed this last hour by CNN, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich mouthed the party line for searching for funds outside killing the people’s right to collective bargaining.  There is no greater recipe for disaster: Tax the corporations and the rich.  Class warfare is best.

Corporations certainly play games so catch them at corruption or other illegal activities but taxes?  I have lived most of my life in the state of New York.  From the time taxes blew the Xerox corporate offices out of Rochester and to Connecticut, taxes have been an issue.  Granted it was not just taxes but location and other matters figured in.

However, I cannot tell you how many small businessmen – including contractors – who complain of New  York State’s various means of undercutting small business – taxes among them.  There is not substantial job growth here anymore.  And guess what, many wealthy men and women are owners of small businesses so a more complex formula needs to be configured here so that people are not thrown out of work.

What about the Union offices – the organizations themselves?  Why not change their tax-exempt status since they have grown so rich.  They certainly are well off or is SamHenry as blind to unions as Mr. Kucinich is to the corporations and the rich?  Perhaps the tax exempt status of many organizations needs to be revisited in these changed times.