Hillary Has Handled the Middle East Crisis. Obama Finally Speaks. Biden MIA Does China Have a Role?

Posted on February 24, 2011

As she stood next to the podium today when President Obama finally opened his mouth about Libya, Hillary Clinton, jaw set, looked ready to kill someone.  She has just too much on her plate: the full range of diplomacy for the diplomatically-challenged President, Chelsey’s failing marriage after 5 million dollars and 6 months and wondering where Bill is and what he is saying.  In short, her life is much more demanding than that of a chief executive.

It has been Hillary speaking out over the past few weeks about happenings in the Middle East.  The unfortunate part of having selected such a high profile person for his Secretary of State is that it only throws Obama’s lack of response into relief.  Any given foreign crisis can put him into a catatonic state.

Now it is said he was afraid to speak out for fear Americans would be taken as hostages.  That is a possibility.  But when any nation turns its military aircraft on unarmed civilians, surely that is just cause to call an emergency session of the UN or phone  your European counterparts and offer help should they be planning some kind of action.  Americans were already at risk under those circumstances. Some kind of look of being ACTIVELY concerned about the slaughter was missing while Barack was out skiing in Vail.

SamHenry has another “read” on his silence.  It has been demonstrated on this blog how much influence the Chinese have over our foreign and domestic policy.  Obama’s relative silence could have been due to the fact that China wanted its 15,000 workers released so they did not become hostages.

What we are into is not just worry over US nationals but worry about a mad man in charge of a country full of oil who threatens next to blast the pipelines.  This is not just fuel for the west but a livelihood for  his citizens.  It is well to remember Mr. Gaddafi’s origins – Bedouin.  He still prefers to sleep in a tent and so it is not difficult for him to think in terms of change and reshuffling things. He knows how to survive with less.  He has nothing to lose.

What the world needs to accept is that the United States is run by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton is leading the way in foreign policy – if we still have one.  It is difficult to discern just what our foreign policy is these days.  One thing is certain.  Obama does not have the vocabulary of a commander.  He doesn’t really get strongly angry at unspeakable criminal acts, he gets piqued:

“The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable,” Obama said in his strongest and most direct statements to date on the unrest in Libya. “So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya. These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop.” [CNN]

“Outrageous,” “unacceptable” and “[t]his violence must stop.”  These words are usually spoken by American mothers disgusted with what their children have done.  Gaddafi’s behavior is beyond “unacceptable,” it is deplorable, disgusting and not to be tolerated.  You just don’t look a mad man like Gaddafi in the face and say weakly “stop it.”  And you don’t linger in the third person long.  Obama does not do forceful he only does low key inspiration.

The Gaddafi mess in Libya will work itself out without the United States and perhaps in spite of it.  Believe it, because of the Clinton-Obama doctrine, it will be a long time before Americans will be in the Middle East in the numbers that will require the massive evacuation efforts underway at this hour.

Libya’s house is on fire.  Time is running out.  Who will break down first?  Muammar Gadaffi or Chelsey’s husband.

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