Louis Farakkhan Nation of Islam Head Predicts Egypt Style Demonstrations Here

Posted on February 28, 2011

More than controversial and always exceeding expectations in dire threats he issues, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakkhan warns Americans that what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia and other North African countries will be coming to your door.

Just to give his warnings the look and feel of a coming reality, Farakkhan has asked President Obama not to attack protesters when they do take to the streets.  Is he kidding?  Obama is a friend of Islam and would never do that.  He would view it as a teachable moment and lecture on it himself.

SamHenry was a student at college in the early 1960s.  Browsing in the bookstore one afternoon, there it was:  C. Eric Lincoln’s seminal book, The Black Muslims in America the title for the Nation of Islam then.  It was an eye opener to what was going on in some (mostly urban) black communities across America. The organization has also figured prominently in the lives of two of its mores famous leaders:  Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan.  The Nation of Islam Website and its history of the movement  may be found here.

Wikipedia has a history here. As always with Wikipedia, check their citations for references that are known to be reliable.