Libya Bombs Cits. US and UN Forces May Have Legitimate Basis to Attack Gaddafi

Posted on March 2, 2011

Here in the US, we awoke to the disturbing news that Libya’s government forces have bombed its own citizens in the town of  al-Brega  in the rebel-held eastern part of the country. [CNN]  Surely the US and the UN cannot stand by and allow this to happen.  There may be legitimacy in their taking action.  Read the following valuable information that has just come to On My Watch from a blogger friend:

Will be interesting to see if there will be a real intervention after all. I think the US and other Western states may even have the legitimacy on paper already, as at the World Summit 2005, all UN member states agreed that national sovereignty is broken whenever a state commits genocide against its own population – known as “responsibility to protect”
It’s not like Iraq, and the US shouldn’t be so afraid to act IMHO.

His blog, Rule and Reason, actors and interests in international relations blog is well worth the visit.