“US In Decline” Says Time Magazine; The Eagle Tells Me Otherwise

Posted on March 3, 2011

China is carefully positioning its currency to topple the dollar, Time Magazine has a lead story on the US decline and so it must be true – we’re  in decline.  Are we now in a position to be able to say to the world “you won’t have the US to kick around anymore”?

Funny thing.  We and the rest of  the world have been slow to catch on to our oft-documented decline.  In Libya, rebels are crying out for us to enforce a no-fly zone.  You don’t see freedom fighters anywhere in the world clamoring for Russia or China to step in and help them in their hour of need.

If we are truly in decline, we know that we did not put ourselves here.  Dishonest bankers and Wall Street financiers together with freewheeling and free-spending politicos took us a good part of the way along with others of their ilk who thought it was perfectly alright to gouge the hard working American people.

We were so very trusting.  The world will not soon again see a people so trusting of their government, of their neighbors of themselves.  We are still trusting but with a more fully developed sense of self preservation and a penchant for questioning and if that does not work, a knack for demonstrating.

But we and our land in all of its beauty are still here.  The America I saw today on my way south past Nunda, New York  to a pancake place open only 2 months of the year was reassuring.  Under blue skies and a late winter sun, there in a field was a sign – a huge bald eagle wheeling and soaring and showing his great power with grace.  He landed on a branch to sit and look over at us stopped, looking at him.

He, like this country, was once on the brink of extinction but care and determination and love for this beautiful thing made us work together to bring him back.  There was our nation’s symbol in the  skies over us today sending down this message of hope for our own future.