US Beefs Up Libya Surround Forces. 400 Marines to US Base In Greece For Libya Deployment

Posted on March 4, 2011

The Times of Malta reports 400 US troops have been sent to an American base in Greece to await Libya deployment:

Thursday, 3rd March 2011 – 12:37CET

400 US Marines in Greece for Libya deployment

The USS Kearsage 

The USS Kearsage

Around 400 US Marines have been dispatched to a US base in Greece ahead of deployment on warships off Libya, an American military spokesman said today.

“The operation is part of forces reposition in the region… with regard to Libya,” said Paul Farley, spokemsan for the US Souda base on the island of Crete.

He said the troops from North Carolina arrived at the base on Wednesday and would later join two US warships in Mediterranean.

The USS Kearsage and the USS Ponce steamed into the Mediterranean en route to Libya yesterday, the Suez Canal Authority said.

The Kearsage amphibious ready group, with about 800 marines, a fleet of helicopters and medical facilities, could support humanitarian efforts as well as military operations.