GM Volt Proves Obama Born in Detroit at Edsel Plant. His Electric Offpring Seems Ill-Conceived

Posted on March 4, 2011

President Obama is fast learning that investing in companies is a tricky thing and putting your faith in so-called advanced technology requires more than a desire to grow green in the US.  GM seemed like a good thing to save.  He dreamed of an electric car saving his presidency and securing his future reputation if not his current.  Wanting to be the world’s champion multi-tasking man, he also liked the idea of running a major company and a country.  Not to worry, no doubt he has a Car Czar.

Obama was desperate to take the country green.  Instead, it appears he has succeeded in taking it red on all fronts – labor, politics and now red ink – yours and the government’s.  Come, line up to buy a $41,000 money-saving car. The Obamas don’t think that’s too much to pay.

His father’s Detroit dreams have been dashed. The “mostly” electric car from GM, the Volt, has had less than stellar reviews and slim sales.  If you go to GM websites, you will find enthusiasm for the car beyond one’s ability to draw a straight line from the text to the reality. The reality is it has yet to show signs of life.  Shades of the unrealized dreams of Mr. Ford who named another doomed car “Edsel” after his son.  Take a look at these articles and be debriefed and deprogrammed:

END NOTE:  China owns the bulk of the world’s supply of the rare earth metal needed for the production of – wait for it – batteries!  OK now we need green replacements for batteries AND oil.


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