Obama “Preps” for Islamic Middle East Du Jour; Europe Wants “Deep Democracy”

Posted on March 5, 2011

The Washington Post headline yesterday was

Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes

Oh my god, the word is out.  They certainly didn’t hear this from the CIA because the they just found out from al Jazeera.  Does this mean a change in table ware and cuisine?  When the Obamas become associated with the word “prepare” it means “partee.”

Sadly, to comply with Islamic fashion and protocol, Michelle will have to cover up and shut up.




Meanwhile, Barack is looking at travel brochures.  It’s time for another vacation.


Politically Barack is preparing for  a Middle East du Jour – a mixed menu of governments at various stages of Islamic development and evolving by the day.  Yesterday, the Administration announced their plans for studying up on the situation. We don’t have to overhaul the education system for us to learn  about it.  Although we are not all in agreement about where he was born, we all acknowledge that the President will declare this another teachable, preachable moment.  And in case we miss school that day, we know that he enshrines  ANYTHING that touches his life. Compulsively autobiographic on paper, narcissistic in person, he must be penning How to Succeed in the White House Without Really Trying, My Life Aboard Air Force One, the prequel, A Gentleman’s Guide to Chicago Bath Houses (ghost written by Rham Emanuel).

Meanwhile, a dour Guardian British journalist dreams Europe Wants ‘Deep Democracy” to Take Root in Egypt and Tunisia. Over here we have the same hope for Europe.