Andrew And Fergie Biggest Threat to Monarchy Since Diana

Posted on March 6, 2011

Prince Andrew, his former wife, the Duchess of York (“Fergie”) and the late Diana, Princess of Wales have all three thrown the light on the darker side of the British Monarchy and the house of Windsor.

Diana’s treatment by the Royals as she fell deeper into what was surely a clinical state of depression was reprehensible.  She walked down the aisle knowing that Charles had never given up on is relationship with Camilla and lapsed into further episodes of bulimia.

Until just before her death, within the family, she did have the friendship of Prince Andrew’s wife, Sarah Ferguson, whose antics were not tolerated by the family as well. However, both women remained favorites of the people until Fergie was caught trying to sell access to her husband.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Diana of course remains the “People’s Princess” to this day.

Ironically, it was Charles who insisted that Diana have what was closely akin to a Royal Funeral and that his mother, the Queen, speak to the nation about Diana in sympathetic terms.  However, he soon fell back on his selfish obsession: pursuit of making Camilla his wife and future queen.  Few want him to succeed his mother on the throne.

Andrew was always in trouble with the kinds of women he chose, the most famous of which was porn star Koo Stark.  Stark recently came out in support of his role as a Trade Representative for the UK.  His subsequent marriage to Fergie was quite literally seen as his salvation until Fergie was caught in a compromising position with a lover while Andrew was away at sea.  It was the beginning of the end for her.

Since their divorce, Andrew has steadfastly supported Fergie as the mother of his children – about the most selfless thing he has done and has helped keep the his family unit together.  But he is now being investigated due to his growing list of friendships with individuals of more or less questionable reputations especially the convicted pedophile, American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

News of Andrew’s stays at the Epstein Florida residence where naked pool parties were the norm, has surfaced at a time when Epstein is again under investigation by the FBI.  This could mean that Andrew will no doubt be reviewed as well.

Forgetting the impact of his behavior on his young daughters, Andrew continued  living on the edge.  Now it seems, he has placed the Windsors themselves on the edge just in time for the glare of the Royal Wedding in April to further highlight his situation.

Andrew completely forgot how his success or failure could impact the lives and fortunes of his countrymen.  He was supposed to bring trade and jobs to Britain.  He has done a great deal of that however, now forgot because of his unethical behavior.  In soliciting funds from Epstein to help his ex-wife, he put himself and the government in an untenable position.

This evening, the Telegraph is reporting:

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that ministers are to carry out a review of his position and that his responsibilities will be reduced.

Whitehall sources have conceded that the Duke could still be forced out altogether if there are further damaging disclosures about his personal affairs.

Pressure on the Duke increased when it was established that Jeffrey Epstein, who recently served 18 months in jail for child sex offences, paid off debts owed by Sarah, the Duchess of York, after an alleged intervention from her former husband.

Andrew  joined Fergie in soliciting the funds to pay off her debts.  This together with her selling of access to Andrew have put them in a position of having to grant favors to persons outside traditional agreements with the British government.  [Telegraph]

The bottom line for the royals is this:  these are dark times financially around the world and people are dying trying to bring change to regimes in North Africa and the Middle East.  This is not the time to highlight the mindless misdeeds of people with sufficient privilege and money to make a difference in the world in positive ways.  They just may have damned the Windsors to be the last to occupy the throne of England.  William and Catherine cannot possibly save an institution so morally corrupt and self-serving as this.