End of the “Line.” Andrew and Fergie’s Offspring Have Partying in Their DNA

Posted on March 7, 2011

They just don’t get it.  A 4:00 AM night out is bad enough but one at the seamy, kinky Box club makes it debauched enough to convince the British public that the Monarchy is not worth it once Queen Elizabeth has died.

Together with their father’s recent troubles,  it won’t be “radical” Muslims that bring down the monarchy.  It will be all the people in concert demonstrating in the streets – no doubt the day of the wedding.  And they would be right to demand the end of the monarchy.  The next generation promises to be no better than the royal dynasties of the desert kingdoms currently being toppled.

Senior officers have warned that Scotland Yard’s resources have been pushed to breaking point as the new generation of royals travel the world and lead busy social lives.

There have been calls for a fresh assessment of the threat level against some of the younger royals, including Beatrice and Eugenie, at a time when police budgets have been slashed.

The annual protection bill for the Royal Family is estimated at £50million – most of it on salaries and overtime for 24-hour guards at royal palaces.

Eugenie with bar tender boyfriend. Note the look of disgust on "handler'" face.

One cannot expect anything less when Andrew and Sarah are the parents and Harry Windsor their cousin.  The Windsor DNA tends to partying and at times to downright debauchery.