Chorus of Former Lovers Speak Out in Support of Andrew. Happy International Women’s Day, Folks

Posted on March 8, 2011

Members of the Chorus of Women of the World who have spoken up in recent weeks in support of  Prince Andrew.

Gallery One:  Prince Andrew with Koo Stark

Gallery Two:  Prince Andrew Marries Sarah Ferguson

Gallery Three:  Prince Andrew with Gorga Ashkenazi

Marking International Women’s Day, a third former lover of Prince Andrew’s, socialite, Goga Ashkenazi, has held a full court press replete with encomiums of Prince Andrew –  his greatness, his largess, his talent – his suitability for his current role.  Apparently Andrew opened up to her about his worries of losing his post as Trade Representative as he reached out to her on his blackberry.  Silly man, he has far more to lose than that as in the future of the monarchy itself thanks to his recklessness.  He never studied his father’s more subtle ways.

Of course Buckingham Palace denied it ever happened.  They are no doubt reeling from Fergie’s outburst of yesterday asking that he not be taken to task for her sins of needing money from the pedophile philanthropist they both know, that Epstein fellow of New York and Palm Beach.

Of course, Fergie swore after her “speak about” (her idea of a walk about) how wonderful and understanding and forgiving he was after she was caught selling the favor of contact with him to an undercover newsman.  And she went on to say that she would not speak of it if it had it not been with his permission.

Then you have Andrew’s most famous liaison, Koo Start who sometime last week came to his defense telling the world what a fine man, la, la, la, la,..he was.

At this point dear reader, we are all weary of the reckless royals and starved for pictures of Catherine and William as palate refresher between courses of these other offerings.

Andrew’s daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie haven’t spoken on his behalf only added to his reputation by living their father’s dream life at the sordid club “Box” in London a few nights back, emerging in the early hours looking like birds on a binge.

And where is Andrew?  Still planning a business trip to Saudi Arabia determined to carry on with his role as Trade Ambassador.  Stiff upper lip and whatever.


Filed under the Telegraph Headline “Put a Royal Sock in It, Sarah” a column about Sarah Ferguson’s having made Andrew’s life more difficult with her Ferguson flapping cerebral orifice among others.  [Click on Photo to go to Article]

What Many Would Like to Do Themselves, Thank You.


Based on previous posts at this web site and an article in the Guardian.