Obama Administration Silent in 2010 When 11,000 Chinese Troops Arrived in Northern Pakistan

Posted on March 8, 2011


Not even Hillary Clinton raised her voice to question the Chinese in sending 11,000 plus troops into a disputed region of Kashmir under Pakistan control.  Not a single question asked.  So why are they there?

An August 2010 article in India’s Indian Express gives the Indian view of why Chinese troops quietly entered what they refer to as occupied Kashmir.  They are there for the same reason their merchants are piling into northern Iraq.  They are building something – roads, trade networks, whatever – the reason they are busy in all four corners of the globe including the oil fields of Libya.

[They are in the] Gilgit-Baltistan region in the Occupied Kashmir to take de-facto control of the key area, where a rebellion is simmering against the Pakistani rule.

Meanwhile back in January 201o, Pakistan reported they were considering making it their 5th province.

The Indian paper went on to quote the New York Times:

“China wants a grip on the strategic area to assure unfettered road and rail access to the Gulf through Pakistan”, the paper said, and for this purpose is building high-speed rail and road link.

The link up would enable Beijing to transport cargo and oil tankers from eastern China to the new Chinese built Pakistani Naval base at Gawadar, Pasni and Ormara in Balochistan, just east of the Gulf in 48 hours.

“Many of the PLA soldiers entering Gilgit-Baltistan are expected to work on the railroad. Some are extending the Karakoram Highway, built to link China’s Xinjiang province with Pakistan. Others are working on dams, expressways and other project,” the paper said.

It said that mystery surrounds the construction of 22 tunnels in secret locations, where even Pakistanis are barred.

Tunnels would be necessary for a projected gas pipeline from Iran to China that would cross the Karakorams through Gilgit.

“But they could be also used for missiles storage sites,” the Times said.

The question is this:  Why hasn’t the Obama Administration batted an eye to what is going on here?  Another tip off that China now controls our foreign policy no doubt.