Hillary Set to Meet with Lybian Opposition; Visit Tunisia and Egypt

Posted on March 11, 2011

Suddenly Hillary – back in the news. No she’s not in Japan but it appears she has been working with head down and with little rest if the photo at the left is any measure.

The White House announced today that she will meet with the leaders of the Libyan Opposition Transitional Council as part of her trip next week to Tunisia and Egypt.  The British Government were first on the ground in Egypt a couple of weeks ago – bit telling about the lack of a swift US response to anything going on in the region.

The White House also announced it would be sending a government  aid team to  rebel-held eastern Lybia.  What kind of aid was not specified.  With Obama it is usually a band aid and this is Obama’s idea of “intervention.”  Meanwhile his good friend in France, President Sarkozy is all for getting militarily involved.  Could it be that Barack gave Sarkozy a DVR player (in European format) with some American western DVDs? He has a history of leaving an electronic device and a gift of American media for heads of state worldwide. [Click on the picture of Hillary to read more about her upcoming trip.]

And in other Clinton-related news, Monica Lewinsky or is it Lewedinsky is set to meet Bill anytime he says the word.  Friends have “confided” to the Daily Mail that the young intern that learned about life and love at Clinton’s knee, alas, has never married because she is still in love with him.  No wonder she saved the semen-stained dress ultimately to hang in the evidence files for impeachment and not in her closet. Doesn’t every woman in love save such things? Read all about it here.

And now a little fun – the reason you stop here:  “Suddenly Seymour” from the movie of the stage play, “Little Shop of Horrors” – probably where Michelle gets her outfits.