Japan’s Mega Earthquake and Tsunami Spare US Bases, Personnel and Dependents

Posted on March 11, 2011

For those of you concerned about our soldiers and sailors stationed in Japan, here is comforting news:  All are just fine and prepared to assist the Japanese people in their hour of extreme need.

The United States maintains several large bases in Japan with 38,000 military personnel, 43,000 dependents and 5,000 Department of Defense civilians.

The main bases are Yokota Air Base outside of Tokyo, the naval bases at Yokosuka in Tokyo Bay and Sasebo in Nagasaki, and the Marine and Air Force bases on the island of Okinawa.

A Defense Department official said there has been no damage to any of them.

Several large civilian airliners were diverted to the runway at Yokota because they could not land at Narita International Airport in Tokyo. Pictures posted on the base’s website show at least five planes on the tarmac, including a Delta Boeing 747.

Tsunami warnings have been issued throughout the Pacific Rim in the wake of the earthquake. Navy ships at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii have been instructed to stay put and ride out any potential Tsunami wave. [ABCNews.go]