Charlie Sheen – America’s Top Mental Health Reality Show

Posted on March 12, 2011

Actor Charlie Sheen late of Two and One-Half Men, now has  his own internet talk and squawk show.  If you like fast-talking, chain-smoking manic behavior, tune in his show.  The evidence shows, people are.

At any given day this past week, if you glanced at the column on CNN’s home page listing the most popular stories, Charlie Sheen would appear at or close to the top of the  list.  The stats are there to show network executives:  A reality show set in a mental ward would knock all others out of the ball park.

We come very close to this with the show Charlie should star in  Celebrity Rehab.  Recently White House party crasher, Michaeli Salihi, was alleged to have been thrown off the show because she doesn’t need rehab.  Perhaps this is a new side of the issue.  Perhaps she needs help with a loved on already in rehab and she wanted to experience it first hand. .  [Baltimore Sun]

News stations are more than aware of the impact of reality TV which is why they become obsessed with the really big real stories of real life like the Michael Jackson funeral coverage.  Never has a dead body been transported so many places in so little time.  Interment was entertainment and expect a followup when the family determines where his final resting place will be.

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