Prince Andrew Needs To Resign as Trade Envoy for Queen and Country

Posted on March 14, 2011

It is not to be believed –  new details of alleged contacts between the Duke of York and a woman working to secure young girls for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  It all sounds so familiar.  This woman, one  Azra Scagliarini known as a “fixer,” offered an under cover reporter access to Andrew in exchange for $500,000.  First he claimed he did not know who she was then acknowledged a gift tie from her at Christmas. [Mirror]

What with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson having been caught in a sting trying to do the same thing, how could the Duke not know of these things?  It is all too sordid.

Now it appears another Epstein “associate,” model Adriana Ross, 27, has been giving testimony under oath to lawyers investigating Epstein but it is a testimony laced with “I plead the 5th.”  Asked about Prince Andrew and his activities and if she had ever met him, “I plead the 5th” was heard over and over. “Epstein, 58, is said to have abused young girls on his private aircraft. Ms Ross is said to have flown on it more than 50 times.” Logs show Prince Andrew was on board a flight in 2000. [Mirror]

Enough is enough. SamHenry predicts that the end is nigh for the Duke’s involvement in British trade.  His mother, the Queen will have him step down. Six weeks before his nephew’s wedding, the investigation into Epstein’s activities has only just begun. With this kind of detail emerging daily, the Duke’s position is clearly untenable.  This time around, the details have proved him a liar.  He cannot in good faith represent British interests any longer.

At a time when people are in dire straits from Japan to North Africa struggling in life and death circumstances, the world has little patience for the affairs of a Duke, personal or otherwise.   It’s over for Andrew and Fergie.  And may the queen remove the titles from both.  They are useless baggage.  Let’s not make a movie of it shall we? We would all be implicated as enablers through the attention we have paid them from Oprah to the Prime Minister. Enough.