What Happened To That Pro Sharia Protest of Choudary’s At the White House March 3rd?

Posted on March 16, 2011

Anjem Choudary the controversial and outspoken British Islamic cleric was to have held a pro-sharia protest in front of the White House this past March 3rd.  But he had one cautionary thought:  what if I held a pro-sharia demonstration in front of the White House and only a few Muslims came?

In the 13 minute address by Choudary that follows, at the very end he lets slip the fact that there may not have been enough support in the Muslim community for the demonstration.  He postponed it until he could better organize participation on the part of American Muslims.  This point was lost on blogger Adam Serwer at CNC’s Prospect.Org where he “could not figure out why” the event was canceled.  We need to listen carefully to Choudary although Serwer did get the effect the cancellation had on the opposition.  He pointed out that when the anti-sharia forces show up and Choudary does not, they lose not only their foil but look rather deflated and ridiculous railing at the air.

Over at Salon.com the fact that selected (really it is most) when media outlets go for big coverage of Choudary’s demonstration plans and his wild speeches  they are handing Choudary exactly what he wants:  free national press coverage.  There is a very real sense that the media have helped create Choudary and his movement.

…[he has] a long history of planning provocative events, garnering huge press attention, then not following through. So the cancellation is not a surprise. Nor is it particularly surprising that right-wing media outlets like Fox, the Daily Caller, and WorldNetDaily dutifully provided exhaustive coverage of Choudary’s rally. [salon.com]

And so long as it is, this 13 minute video allows us to catch Choudary not yelling and screaming but methodically putting forth what he sees is the benefit to the west for sharia, the history of sharia in Europe during the conquest and the fact that it will one day happen again.

His takeover predictions would seem feasible were it not for two massive countries he forgets in all of this: China and India.  Their people are both at home and all over the world in great numbers.

Dream on,  Anjem Choudary.  You can’t even get a group together in the vast United States.  Perhaps the voice of most Muslims here has finally been “heard.”  We have railed at them for not standing up.  Perhaps their most forceful message has been sitting down at home and rejecting Choudary and his rally.