Obama’s Annoying, Calculated Silence

Posted on March 18, 2011

Has Obama learned a thing or two winging his way across the globe on his beloved Air Force One?  Is the country on auto-pilot?  This has been going on since last spring.  There was a period of frenzied activity and eloquent speeches for the fall, 2010 elections and then back to meetings with the Cabinet and others and letting his underlings carry the Administration’s “word” to the press.

The world, however, is no longer waiting for the sunshine of his smile.  Could Obama and, to a lesser degree Clinton, have been into a calculated game of reverse psychology with the UN?  Steven Hayward of the National Review opines:

…[A] U.N. resolution authorizing force is really a U.N. resolution calling for U.S. leadership to deploy the actual force. I’d love to try to make out that this was all the result of a brilliant reverse-psychology strategy by Obama and Hillary Clinton — show restraint and subservience to the “international community,” which then finally awakens them to the sense of responsibility the U.N.’s founders envisioned way back in the 1940s, when Churchill, among others, hoped the U.N. would intervene against tyrants like Qaddafi . . .  (one one-thousand one, one one-thousand two, one one-thousand three) . . . Nah.

Nah indeed, although there is a very real sense in which Obama has been carrying out a policy of collective action in the region – as he has in the far East with, say Korea.  Could it be the influence of our loan officers – the Chinese military?  China and Russian abstained from the vote to authorize an anti-fly zone over Libya.

The irony of this is that when China and Russia wax neutral it is interpreted as strength – strength to stand beside their third-world constituents.  The US and its allies are hanging out there with their aging weapons  proving Communist assessments of  their imperialist aggression even though wanted – yea pleaded for by the victims of the likes of Gadaffi.  Why do yourself what others can do for you and concurrently jeer from the sidelines and  make quiet promises on the side.

It seems that no matter what Obama does, he is at a disadvantage now that he has become entrenched in determined inaction.  We used to call it “dithering.”  On the contrary, it is a tactic that if not employed by a prescient Obama has been dreamed up by those who pull his strings.