SamHenry’s Sunday Sillies from the Headlines for 3/20/2011

Posted on March 20, 2011


Amazing news of time travel from the Hadron collider deep underground somewhere in Switzerland.  They have discovered a particle that can move through time dimensions.  They say it does not mean men can travel (women will find a way) but it does mean we can send messages to, say, the past.  Why would we want to bother with that when the conflicts here on earth will bomb us back into the stone age anyway?  SILLY!

Daily Mail article here.

News of Prince Andrew is not only silly but sad.  And the forces behind the discoveries of his activities – who are they?  Surely they are after him for more than SILLY reasons?  Ah, well.  The aged old children’s book, The Prince and the Pauper is scheduled for a rewrite.  Temporary title:  The Prince and the Pedophile or Andrew’s Excellent Adventures in Womanizing.  A companion volume with an exclusive rear view of the demise of the Monarchy is in the planning stages tentatively titled Queen of the Pile: how our  Andrew  has been such a royal pain in the ass.

Daily Mail stories here:

The Times of India has a front page headline: Us Govt Disappointed Over Porn Domain Approval. Well, now, isn’t this just like the outcome of all Obama Administration post-dithering decisions?  Obama ended US dominance over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  In this way, he was able to achieve the outcome he wanted  with the US disappearing behind a group decision.  Forget the porn, here’s what he really wants as expressed by “Lawrence Strickling, who is an assistant commerce secretary, who advises President Obama on matters of information and communications,…[.]”

“This decision goes against the global public interest, and it will open the door to more Internet blocking by governments and undermine the stability and security of the Internet,”…[.]


“US policy has long sought to empower parents and families to protect children from Internet pornography and provide effective tools and education,” he said.

Government control over the internet under the guise of upholding family standards – SWEET – while continuing to enjoy a secret connection to porn sites from his Blackberry.  “It’s nice to be King.”

Full story from the Times of India here.