US, UK and France – The World’s Hired Guns. They Fight on While Their Countries Struggle

Posted on March 20, 2011

Who are we kidding here?  The UN is a costly operation perched on expensive land in New York City.   Once again, a majority of international powers gathered there agreed that there had to be a no-fly zone in Libya.  Now did those nations who voted for such an action then contact their generals and order up some men and material? Of course not.  It’s another job for the three “Amigos,” the US, the UK and La France.  Their cousins Australia, Holland and a few others may join in if this goes on more than a week,

And who is paying for all of this?  Let’s see, oh yes, the US has more men and material in the area so it’s a wild guess that perhaps we are.  The cost rises here at home when those of us not in the military get the feeling taxes will have to go up some time to cover the cost of one more “conflict” when two others in the region are still burning. And so we spend to forget and order in another pizza and call up another video on demand so that we may play at our best game:  eat and entertain ourselves into oblivion.

Sleep deprived, nervous to the point of being unable to walk straight, the average American these days now has a bad case of survivors guilt as he/she sees a large section of a wealthy nation such as Japan suddenly and without warning slip into the sea and then deal with radiation fears.  This is not Haiti.  This is far closer to the American experience and in point of fact, there are many American business men and women, students, soldiers and sailors there living through this.  And weaving like a thread all through this our guilt for that last big nuclear outbreak during World War II.

So while our military pounds yet another target a la Iraq, our strongest ally in the Pacific is imploding.  How many years will it be before tourism is again a viable industry.  How long before farm lands are declared free of radiation and/or sea salt?  Will people hesitate to purchase an automobile made in Japan that has had to be scanned for radiation before being released for sale?  And at the end of it all, will the fact that the nuclear reactor that was so troublesome was made in the US, be a factor in new wave of anti-Americanism?

Yes, behind every aviator or Tomahawk Missile launcher are millions of Americans trying to lead normal lives amid the drama of world events these days. We are caught in a vice between action to the right of us and action to the left.  And uninvited to the party, a higher than usual amount of radiation drifting our way from Japan.

America this past week was almost punch drunk from over stimulus delivered by the news media.  I work for a cable company.  I know first hand how desperate people in this country get when they cannot watch TV because something is technically amiss.  They need a truck sent right away.  They cannot live another day without service.  Americans who are not shut ins with TV as their only life as it were are fast becoming  shut-ins by choice.  A whole nation is running away in some form or other.


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