Bahrain Update: Plot Uncovered that May Have Lain Dormant 30 years

Posted on March 21, 2011

Not much has been said about the alleged plot authorities in Bahrain have uncovered and that is reported in the article below.  One can hope in the days to come the claim can be substantiated with evidence.  However it does have legitimacy.  Iran has long wanted to rejoin Bahrain as part of its territory.  Shites dominate in Iran and in Bahrain and so Bahranians are looking to Iran as a possible source. This is an area ripe for hostilities to break out with Iran – hostilities that could ignite a general state  of war throughout the region.

The LA Times article points out that Arabs are denouncing Bahrain for bringing in Saudi Troops when no one in the Arab world criticized Gadaffi for hiring mercenaries into the war against his own people.  Here, then, is the article.

MANAMA (Reuters) – Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has said a foreign plot against his Gulf Arab kingdom had been foiled and thanked troops brought in from fellow Sunni-ruled neighbors to help quell weeks of unrest.

Hamad’s announcement came after a day of tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions between Bahrain and Shi’ite-ruled Iran.

“An external plot has been fomented for 20 to 30 years until the ground was ripe for subversive designs … I here announce the failure of the fomented plot,” he was quoted as telling troops in a report on state news agency BNA overnight.

Had such a plot succeeded in one Gulf Arab country, Hamad said, it could have spilled into neighboring states.

The ferocity of last week’s crackdown, in which Bahrain called in Gulf troops, imposed martial law and drove protesters off the streets, has stunned majority Shi’ites, the main force behind the protests, and angered Tehran.

Iran, which supports Shi’ite groups in Iraq and Lebanon, has complained to the United Nations and asked neighbors to join it in urging Sunni-led Saudi Arabia to withdraw forces from Bahrain.

In a sign of rising tensions between the countries, Bahrain expelled Iran’s charge d’affaires on Sunday, accusing him of contacts with some opposition groups, a diplomatic source said.

He left shortly after the Iranian ambassador, asked to leave last week. Iran expelled a Bahraini diplomat in response.

Read the remainder of this column at the LA Times here.

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