PALIN in ISRAEL: She Continues Her Road Less Traveled to the White House

Posted on March 21, 2011



David Frum is a savvy guy.  He’s sat at the right hand of George W. Bush.  So it should come as no shock to him that Sarah Palin did not take the usual tour of Israel or even contact organizations that could smooth the way as they had for so many other aspiring candidates for high office.

Palin is completely consistent with the Palin canon: take the road less traveled.  It has got her noticed for a long time now.  And it  has afforded her a view of well-visited sites different perhaps from that of others before her.  She is no slouch.

Essentially, David’s article over at CNN Is Palin’s Israel visit alienating friends? is just an exercise with pointing out her shortcomings over and against the standard way of proceeding for past Republican candidates.  But Sarah Palin is not your ordinary Republican candidate.  However, she is good fodder for an explanation on how these things should be done and how we should wait for the candidate who will do it the established way.  Is this really the American way?  Sounds pretty old world or is that old boys network?

David – good try but you don’t have a story just a sour and dour complaint – so unattractive.

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