The United States: Country on Automatic Pilot?

Posted on March 23, 2011

We thought we had a president who stood by his words – words that fell easily and smoothly from his lips as he gave us beautiful prose yet singularly uninspiring.  Now the man who begins most speeches with “Let me be clear…”  has yet to face the American People with his policy concerning  a not insignificant “intervention” in Libya.  We are paying for this in lives and in dollars yet he seems unable to tell the mothers, brothers, sons and daughters of those who serve, never mind the rest of us, what the plan was or is and his projections for the future.  He never told us he was going in; he will not let us know when we can expect to get out of Libya.

We seem to be the only nation of the west with the level of command and control and equipment to carry off massive assaults at night utilizing stealth aircraft from half a world away and rockets launched from ships and submarines. It is amazing that we can bring such a complex attack to fruition given the nature of the Commander in Chief’s management style.  We are a nation on automatic pilot perhaps run collectively by a bunch of czars.

Attempting to answer the question “why are we in Libya and how did we get there” should not be the province of a journalist.  The journalist can’t read Obama’s mind but very credible evidence suggesting the why and the wherefore may be found here.

All we know at this writiig is that the US has done its bit and that “someone” will carry on the leadership role in this mission.  Problem:  like a group of headless chickens, the allies are running around pecking at each other without direction.  There is only one thing that is certain.  There is no overall plan or strategy.  This has never happened before.  Are we the same nation that planned and carried off D-Day?

It’s as if Hillary and Barack threw this thing together and once started, felt humming a few bars would carry the day.  It hasn’t and even our allies seem to think we are looking weaker than ever [CNN Piers Morgan 3/23/2011].  The president is so preoccupied that he could not get into the oval office upon his return from his trip to South America.  Any president that ignores the Constitution and goes to war without consent of the representatives of the governed deserves to be locked out.


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