Al Qaeda Behind Libyan Rebels?

Posted on March 24, 2011

Several weeks ago SamHenry posted Al Qaeda Establishes Emirate in Libya.  There were conflicting reports of the veracity of this story [see On My Watch here].

However, there is growing evidence of the presence of their forces [see post here on Lorinov’s Blog suggested by Freedom whose blog is here].  Lorinov cites an article in the Jerusalem Post.

Meanwhile the US intelligence community is reporting:

WASHINGTON – Despite fears that Islamic extremists may be playing a hidden role in the rebellion against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the U.S. intelligence community has found no organized presence of al-Qaida among the Libyan opposition, American officials say.

A U.S. intelligence gathering effort that began shortly after anti-Gadhafi forces started seizing towns in eastern Libya last month – including eavesdropping on rebel communications and inserting CIA officers and equipment into rebel-held areas – has not uncovered a significant presence of jihadists among the insurgents. [Spokesman]

Sky news and other major outlets are also reporting that al Qaeda is not behind the insurgents in Libya. SamHenry rather takes the word of Sky news over the bungling CIA but in this case, they agree.

Only selected bloggers and Gaddafi himself believe al Qaeda is playing a role in this Civil War.

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