Eat, Drink and Be Merry Because in 2012 The Prospects for Good Prez Candidates Look Frightening

Posted on March 25, 2011

Let’s begin with the big O.  Today – over a week into the Libya “intervention,” he is going to speak to Congress – wait for it – by phone.  Yes, a teleconference is all he can manage.  Perhaps the teleprompter is in the shop for repairs.  My theory – is that this is as close as he will get to a Republican Congress.  Maybe he also washes  his hands compulsively because other people are a worry to him as well.  Here’s what Congress has in store:

Obama will update the leaders on “what we’ve accomplished so far” and the transition to NATO leadership, Carney said. [CNN]

What, does he honestly think no one reads a paper?  Perhaps he’s too embarrassed to go out having recently locked himself out of the White House a la his pal in Cambridge, MA, Professor Gates.

Meanwhile Colonel Clinton will be heading back to Europe next week to in her words “coordinate the strategy and military operation against Gaddafi’s regime.” [al Jazeera]

She has said no to running for any office and you can see why.  She’s tired and Obama has done what he had only hinted at during the primaries, he has just about driven her to an early grave.  Just make her Secretary of State.  Keep her on the road.  Run her down.  That’s about the only identifiable strategy he has had as president.

Ok, so you like Donald Trump.  Do you seriously want a President who brags to the media that he has screwed everyone from Colonel Gaddafi on down on real estate deals?  Could he keep a national secret?  Could he refrain from screwing US?  Think about it.

Or perhaps you prefer Palin.  She is down in the polls after visiting India and Israel.  How did that happen?  Perhaps visiting countries the names of which begin with “I”?  Can’t think of another reason that makes any more sense.  Polls,  change like the seasons.  She will still reload but can she make it?

Oh, how about Ms. Bachman from Congress.  Yeah, there’s a winnuah!  She doesn’t know in which state the shot heard round the world was fired to initiate the American Revolution.  Do we need the end product of our lousy education system in the White House?

How about the plastic Mitt Romney?  He’s as aloof as the current denizen of the White House and about as far from the heart of most matters as Obama as well.  He comes in and out of the public arena like a cuckoo clock on the hour.

I won’t go through the complete list.  It would be draining for all of us.  Let’s just say we can only hope that education reform is carried out before we lose the next generation to another round of less than stellar candidates for the highest office.  And for God’s sake, don’t let them learn in school about Air Force One and the other benefits of the office that stirred Barack to go for it.

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