Britain Joins Middle East in Unrest as Anarchists Hijack Peaceful Demonstration

Posted on March 26, 2011

With a royal wedding 4 weeks away, British citizens erupted into a flurry of violence  in London today that presages the promised civil disruption planned the actual day of the nuptials.

The Daily Mail summed up today’s violence in London succintly:

Hooded anarchists attack London landmarks linked to luxury and wealth

Welcome to the first wave of violent class warfare. Cutbacks in social programs have driven labor unions and anti-capitalists into the streets. The time of peaceful demonstrating has passed. Hooded radicals attacked a Starbucks, symbol of US Capitalism as well as the Ritz Carleton Hotel and other business interests before being quelled by police.

Ritz Carleton Hotel Under Attack

A peaceful Union demonstration was  replaced by a large group of disorderly people chanting “Welfare not Warfare.” Hooded gangs outnumbered police swinging large pieces of lumber and hurling, among other objects, light bulbs filled with ammonia – clearly not benign.

Civil unrest within the borders of one of our chief allies.  What will follow in the rest of the capitals of the West where people are struggling with high food prices, unemployment, and homelessness is now being considered out in the open.  Do we really believe that what is playing out in the middle east cannot happen here – or in Europe?

We cannot stretch ourselves any further. The Saudis and the other kingdoms of the Middle East need to protect their own assets.  We will loose everything if we try to save the oil for our short term benefit.  We need to develop strategies and contingencies that refocus us on the needs of the homeland and its people. We cannot hope to stem the tide of change in the Arab world.

No matter what course we ultimately take, there will be a prolonged period of sacrifice and hardship ahead.  Our leaders do us no favors in not preparing us for this but letting our fears run wild.  We know the other shoe has not dropped. We need leadership that is there for us when it does.

And don’t kid yourself.  Republicans may be out there fighting each other but Barack Obama is cool and calculating in his preparations for 2012 and legislatively beyond.  Wake  up America.  Smell the smoke from Trafalgar Square and beware.