Outrageous: US Weighs Arming Libyan Rebels Some of Whom are al Qaeda

Posted on March 26, 2011

We just don’t know how to avoid World War III.  We are so good at alienating whole regions on the globe and at selling arms to whoever wants them  that somewhere out there we will round a corner and come up against someone we used to consider a friend pointing one of our guns at us.

Reports proliferate that the US is weighing arming some of the Libyan rebels.  OK where is the questionnaire that goes along with the weapons that determines that just the right rebel is being provided with these hellish handouts.?  Or are we just going to make a helicopter drop and hope they end up in the right hands?

Mind you, there have been reports since the start of the revolution there that al Qaeda had established an Emirate in the East of Libya but no matter, this will not stand in the way of arming the rebels.  Of course our great friend, Britain, is eager to do the same.  What kind of a game is being played when you  turn the major war operations over to NATO and then enter the arena to pass out arms that could be used against the troops of the member states?

This is not only getting dangerous and complex, it is also getting embarrassing.  I hope when Hillary Clinton makes it to London next week she sorts all of this out.  The arms industry is huge in Britain and America and they are of course poised to benefit from this latest conflict.  It’s the sacred way of the old military industrial complex we have been fighting since Eisenhower’s time.  And Republican Senator Mc Cain is out front promoting it .He is carefully saying it won’t be like 1980 when we armed Afghan rebels [azcentral].  Listen to Ike’s warning, John:

Wake up America.  We need to have another in-person visit to the Washington Mall to let our President and Congress know that we have had enough of weapons and war when children in this country are starving and in need of good educations.  We are angry at Barack Obama for avoiding issues and slipping out of the country.  We have our responsibility in this as well and we had better start exercising it in the streets and in the polls.