Staging a Riot – Positions Please – Let the Photographers and Journalists Through

Posted on March 28, 2011

Here is how just a few out of control people can grab maximum attention – a single photograph is all it takes .  One wonders if there are photographers/journalists sympathetic to their cause among the press corps surrounding and weaving through such events.

The actions of these more violent protesters at times appear carefully staged for maximum impact when photographed. Look at this photo.  The “anarchist” with the long board and the police officer have been surrounded by photographers – one positioned for this magnificent shot.

No one intercedes to keep the policeman from being attacked.  You be the judge.  Is this “staged”?  Certainly the big board was not just lying around.

From the DAILY MAIL March 27, 2011

Here, have a closer look.  And notice the man with another big stick on the right breaking through the crowd.  And the masked protester appears to be directing.