Anarchists in Britain Rival the Passion of al Qaeda – Threaten Royal Wedding

Posted on April 1, 2011

IGOR from Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein" - proof Anarchists get their Medieval Uniforms from Central Casting albeit they are sincere and fervent.

How do you like your revolutions: rare, medium rare or well done?  Death by Anglo-Saxon or al Qaeda?  There are lots of choices out there these days.  Sorting them out and coping with the fallout takes all available government personnel, reducing government bureaucracies in the west  to police functions and military functions and head of state dictator.

Brits have discovered that one way for overburdened government authorities to enforce order is to divert attention from one threat and to highlight another.  The British Anarchists are happy for their new found publicity as the al Qaeda alternative. They are the group to watch as the primary source of possible dangers to the Royal Bride and Groom April 29th.

Best to restrict personal freedoms that day or any other and to blame it on “terrorist”activities of members of a loosely organized but fervent and dedicated group of Anglo-Saxons, most of whom are predominantly working class/labor, who want to topple the current social and political order.  They are surely not unique in this but to blame any Muslim-affiliated group during the festive day would immediately be an act branded as racist.

The Anarchists recently demonstrated their ability to cause damage and to disrupt a major portion of “corporate” and “historic” London with only a few protestors last week dressed like Medieval serfs see On My Watch here].  Armed with a hold on the public’s recent memory and vivid images, a spokesman for these people confidently outlined the program for 29 April in a CNN video here.

Like al Qaeda – you cannot piece together a firm group structure. You have to live it – to be a member.  It is a difficult group to “infiltrate.”  One book from the point of view of a member attempts to let us know what life is like from day to day in a group that dates back to 1892:

…[T]he sources for the Anarchist movement are extremely scattered – no central committee minutes exist because there was never a central committee; even quite large circulation papers can only be read in sequence by following fugitive odd copies from library to library.[Slow Burning Fuse]

There are groups of Anarchists all over Europe and this radio broadcast points to a world revolution – including the US – under their leadership:

The question now becomes one of: will al Quaeda gratefully sit back and let the Brits destroy their own homeland?  Stay tuned.  Wonder how the Anarchists will like having to share power with the Muslim Brotherhood when the dust settles?

As for the US, if the Anarchists and members of the Labor Movement bring down whatever order is left here, you do know who will get the last laugh don’t you?

Or perhaps it is the hyenas in all this, the drug cartels who will get the last laugh.  They’re the ones with the really big money and armies.