The Unpleasantness of The Royal Wedding – Big Bussiness for Press and Palace and Tourism

Posted on April 3, 2011

Leggo created an entire ceremony - one of many businesses seeking to benefit from the event.

One thing is clear:  coverage of the Royal Wedding is currently sucking the air out of press rooms worldwide.  This was the assessment of a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning.  Budgets have even been earmarked for the event.

Prince Harry raising awareness of the needs of disabled veterans during Arctic adventure.

Helping to generate addictive interest in the event months out – the Palace and its clever slow drip of information about the day and the principals:  News that William will not wear a ring,  pictures of Catherine Middleton from her family’s album [remarkably copyrighted by the Middletons], lists of wedding guests,  and interviews with Prince Harry about the event from places as remote as the Arctic [where the Palace makes its points – Harry’s mission there was to raise money for disabled veterans].

Is this a relief from the disasters with which we have recently grappled?  Is this a “generational” story for those who remember Diana?  Is the Palace fashioning Kate as a Diana replacement to further it’s popularity and keep “the firm”(as the family calls its enterprise) funded and in place into the future?

Gnome one will want to miss the wedding.

Let’s not forget a big industry in Britain, tourism.  The event will be a draw for older more monied tourists who are the target audience.  Britain is suffering from the global depression along with the rest of us and badly needs tourists.

Finally the dark side of the press interest.  For them it is like covering a space launch or a formula one auto race – a disaster might just be in the works.  Of course a good disaster is big press and the resultant big bucks.  This is the reality of the matter.  All except a loyal following with sincere interest are in it for the money.  And remember, the Palace itself is one big marketing operation.