America c2c Website – Who is Really Behind It and Why Can’t We Contact Him/Her?

Posted on April 5, 2011

A friend told me about, a Conservative website. One has to register or join to view the site.  I reluctantly registered because whichever vehicle you choose – Yahoo, Google, Facebook, in addition to their own registration form, you must agree that those sites can turn all information they have on you over to America

Regardless of which vehicle you use for registration, you have to fill our their own form which captures your real name and birth date.  That’s all anyone needs  to get all the info they would want about you.  A few sites employ that feature but few blogging sites.

The point that made me try to withdraw my registration centered around their lack of disclosure about which name, user or real, they would use online. They had a field for “username.”  I assumed it would be used in the forum but no, your real name is used and just in case you want to slip in unnoticed by all, they highlight you as a new member in a new members box.

I don’t mind my real name being used behind the scenes but I do not like my name used on most sites.  For a site that has a million rules about copyright that is my main beef with the site.

The other drawback to America is the fact that nowhere did I see a place to contact the people behind the site.  I would never have signed up for this if this were the program.  This is neither fair nor democratic.  The information gathering they do does not give them the right to deny contact by registered participants.  On this blog site, people who want to contact this blogger leave a message in the general comments section.

SamHenry is well-known on the web and visits all manner of sites – Conservative, Liberal, Islamic, Republican, Democratic, etc.  Never have I seen anything like this.  It is really an online club – not the blog it pretends to be. This kind of blogging  gives Conservatives a bad name.  Have an on-line club but don’t call it a blog.  Blogs are traditionally open and participatory.

Conservatism is not into secrecy.  It is not into exclusion.  It is open and approachable.  One cannot say this about


The related site was down when I tried to access it.