Obama Kicks Off 2011 Campaign the Way He Functions as Chief Executive – at a Distance

Posted on April 5, 2011

There are lots of theories to try to explain why President Obama kicked off his 2011 campaign the other day with a video mailed to supporters on the massive Organizing for America mailing list.  What is remarkable about the manner of distribution and the video?

1.  Many Americans were left out of this announcement either because they are not computer literate or cannot afford the equipment.  This is not bringing us together.  This is further dividing us a method that has been the hallmark of his administration.

2  “Handlers” wanted to stimulate action among the grass-roots that were his voters.

3.  Obama doesn’t even appear in the ad – it conveys both negative and positive.  It underscores the growing isolation of Obama in the Oval office.  Yes it sends the message that he is attending to the business of the country but it also makes us confront Obama the MIA Chief Executive.

4.  Were they afraid of boos and tomatoes thrown at the candidate?

Here is the video of Obama in 2007 announcing his candidacy for President.  He was  down on ground level with his constituents and standing in front of columns that are reminiscent of the public buildings of ancient Greece and Rome.  He tied himself to Lincoln and laid out his goals.

And where is Obama today?  “Inquiring people want to know.”

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