Obama and Company off for Williamsburg Weekend

Posted on April 8, 2011

With each passing week, President Obama acts as if the handwriting is on the wall – he will be a single term president.  Why else would he make the suicidal move to leave Washington this weekend with the Federal Government about to close down throwing people out of work and holding up paychecks for our fighting men – you know – those people he oversees as Commander-in-Chief?

But we all know Obama well enough to know that he has a very big quotient of smugness in his character.  He is fully confident that he can bide his time and pull off a win at the end  of the game.  He has Rahm up in Chicago to deliver it the way the Mob delivered it to Kennedy in his day.  Then there is the growing minority vote – especially the Hispanic population that is about to become the dominant ethnic group in the US.

In carrying on with his vacation plans this weekend, he is thumbing his nose at the American people, at our troops overseas and carelessly throwing away the situation he created in Libya in talks with the UN  and NATO.   Worse, while it is morally right to take a stand against the killing of innocent citizens by its government, still to consider arming a rebel community we do not know because of the shortcomings of our own intelligence gathering agencies seems out of Character for the US.

There is just no possible excuse for this weekend’s junket.  The nation has been put on automatic pilot once again.  The United States is experiencing a critical leadership vacuum.  With so much despair and confusion, this country is ripe for a clever dictator to rise, stir us to act out his/her agenda that would change our republic forever.

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